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[Moderator's Note: Professor Barker expounds upon the Hokun. Hope that Bob ]
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[ share your knowledge about the Hokun. ]

>[Moderator's Note: Nuno Flavio asks numerous questions, primarily about the ]
>[ Hokun. Feel free to answer Professor, but I know that ]
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There is some information on the Hokun in the "Tekumel Bestiary." It is not
very much, but it does give enough to deal with wandering parties of Hokun
met while adventuring. A complete description of Hokun society is very hrd
to imagine; it would be quite large, with varied nation-states and
interactions with human neighbours.

>I would like a little information the Hokun, so far i only know they are
>crystaloid beeings that are said to enslave humans. Are they native to

No. They're from one of the star systems that were just beginning to
exchange delegations with Humanspace when the Time of Darkness came.

>Do they posess any multi-planar abilities like the Mihalli or
>the Chima ? What about technology.

Not very much interplanar skill -- far less than the Mihalli. They're about
on a par with the Chima. They have maintained a little technology but not
much, and not very consistent, Mostly they use items scavenged from the
ruined cities on the far side of Tekumel. I hope some of the Thursday Night
people will speak up here.

>What are the better known planes of existance that Tekumelian travellers
>are prone to end up in ? Scanning trough old Blue Room messages i found
>one about the "Buffalo" plane, but that was it.

This is a *very* hard question since nexus points are often "pointed"
towards specific Planes or complexes of Planes. One nexus point may open
into only one Plane, or it may open into a black velvet void where human
senses perceive routes to many Planes as a sort of staircase hanging in
black otherness. The steps look like ivory plaques, and they are attached
to nothing at all -- very unnerving. These staircases wander, branch out,
and even turn upside down so that a traveller farther ahead may appear as
walking on the underside of a staircase and hanging head down in

>Also, can you tell me if there are any new developments on the Prof.
>fabled third novel "The lords of Tsamra" ? Can we hope for it to be
>released soon ?

Alas, I haven't done much with it lately. Wish I could...

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